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NEW Autotask Solution

NEW Autotask Solution:  Autotask Endpoint Backup

Leverage the power, speed and analytics of the Autotask platform with fully unified file back up. Increase control and continuity at a fraction of the overhead.


90 Seconds:

An Introduction to Autotask Endpoint Management and Unified RMM

Save time with policy-driven infrastructure

Set it once…deploy it everywhere. Because our
RMM is policy-driven, you can customize
preferences for every client – including break-fix
protocols, software updates and other everyday
tasks. This saves time, and ensures consistent

Savetime Check

Click to device from Autotask PSA

Your PSA and RMM can now truly work together – so that tickets are tracked to devices, your techs who specialize in devices and operating systems are assigned to the right tasks, response time improves and problems are solved proactively.

Tracktix Background

Live sync operations from the
PSA dashboard

With Autotask Endpoint Management, remote takeover and other live sync operations can happen right in the Autotask dashboard…enabling your team to see and solve problems in real-time.

Live Sync Window

Deploy It With Ease

Fire it up, and watch it go… instantly capturing all of your clients’ devices and synchronizing your Autotask PSA data. Autotask Endpoint Management can literally begin monitoring and managing thousands of devices within a few hours of setup.
So you can make this transition
without missing a beat.

AEM beats Legacy RMM

5 Critical Ways AEM beats Legacy RMM

Find out how Autotask Endpoint Management is redefining
RMM as you know it by providing a unified experience with our
PSA for a completely streamlined workflow and real-time asset
data syncing that speeds service and billing

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